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A Message from CEO Krish Mohip
CEO Krish Mohip

As we begin 2018, we are continuing our focus on improved instruction and better ways to communicate with our families
To help celebrate the growth of our children, we are using a new assessment that will help us measure the growth of students throughout the year. We've introduced all teachers to a different way to teach -- one that has been proven nationally to be a successful way to instruct students. Support is being provided through ongoing professional development, coaching and weekly feedback.
With this increase of support comes accountability. The shifts in instruction can only happen if there are clear expectations that are aligned to competent support.
While revamping instruction is necessary, we cannot ignore how the culture and climate within our schools, as well as in the community, influences our students. Last school year, we saw a 55 percent reduction in out-of-school suspensions; however, we were still suspending our students at a rate more than five times the average of other Ohio schools. We have implemented a new Student Code of Conduct that requires our staff to implement restorative practices. A new approach is needed because what we have been doing simply has not worked. We can and will do better.
The community involvement and the belief in our school district has never been stronger. Although there are some people who are still skeptical of the work we are doing, it is clear that the community is getting behind our recovery plan. Individuals and organizations like City Kids Care, The Red Zone, The Colony, First Ward Dreams, DJ Chip Banks, The United Way, Boys and Girls Club, The City of YOUth, Taft Promise Neighborhood and more have come together to support our schools.
We've launched several initiatives to keep in better touch with our parents and families too. Let's Talk, accessible through this website or by calling 330-744-8864. This platform enables people to input their questions or concerns. Those issues are assigned to appropriate staff who are tasked with addressing them within 72 business hours. It's another way to assure accountability.
I continue my weekly Mondays with Mohip on Facebook Live at 5 p.m. as well as the Five Mo' Minutes feature on The Star 94.7 FM every Monday morning.
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