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Getting Started

Welcome to Youngstown City School's Remote Learning!

Below are links to some basic "Getting Started" guides to help you start using your technology device, whether it is an iPad or Chromebook.

The iPad is a tablet-style device made by Apple.  It has a screen-based keyboard (i.e. not an external keyboard) and is used by touching the screen for apps.  It comes inside a hard plastic protective case.

iPads are in use by scholars in grades K-2, as well as Rayen Early College Middle- and High-Schools.  


The Chromebook is a laptop-style device made by Lenovo.  It has an attached keyboard, and will come with a laptop-style case.

Chromebooks are in use by scholars in grades 3-12, with the exception of Rayen Early College Middle- and High-Schools.

Chromebook Setup and Zoom Connection

Digital Training - Zoom Sessions
Below are the Zoom links for the Digital Training sessions - meant for scholars and their parents to learn more about our digital tools.

Day Sessions - Monday-Friday - 10 AM-12 PM

Evening Sessions - Tuesday/Thursday - Sep 1-17, 5pm

If you are having problems with your device, please click on the "Remote" support link at the upper left and fill out a support ticket for us.

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