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Parent Engagement Coordinators

Our Parent Engagement Coordinators serve as a communications link between parents and families and the Youngstown City School District. They also serve as an advocate for school and community involvement. 

Parent Engagement Coordinators are assigned to every school for Youngstown City Schools to help parents and community to become familiar with School Policies, Procedures and Practices.

Translators are also made available for our Hispanic population and we also have a Parent Resource Center to provide information as well as assisting with other needs. 

The Parent Engagement Coordinators help to connect families to the appropriate resources within the school and the community, and help to assist parents with the process of volunteering in schools.

Parent Engagement Coordinator Contact Information: 
(Click on Coordinator's name to contact them via email)

Rikki Queener
P. C. Bunn Elementary School
330-744-8963, ext. 5495

Tessia Day
Chaney High School
330-744-8822, ext 3380
Remote Phone #: 330-272-5765

Lynette Frost
Chaney High School
Remote Phone #: 330-506-6726

German Navarro
East High School
330-740-8776, ext. 5010
(Se habla español
Interpreting & Translation Services
Remote Phone #: 330-259-6582

Liz Irizarry
East High School
330-740-4005, ext. 4127
(Se habla español
Interpreting & Translation Services
Remote Phone #: 330-506-7803

Adelle Clinkscale
Harding Elementary School
Remote #: 330-207-3549

Abby Cooper
Kirkmere Elementary School
Remote #: 330-506-6581

Sarita Pace
M.L.King Elementary School
330-744-7823, ext. 8870
Remote Phone #: 330-398-2551
(Se habla español

Mildred Uscianowski
McGuffey Elementary School
330-744-7999, ext. 7995
Remote Phone #: 330-398-3657

Darla James
Rayen Early College
330-744-7602, ext. 3265
Remote Phone #: 330-207-8552

Renee Dawson
Taft Elementary School
330-744-7973, ext. 3193
Remote Phone #: 330-423-3006

 Tracy Marsco

Volney Rogers Elementary School
330-744-8845, ext. 5545
Remote Phone #: 330-272-3487

Angela McCoy
Williamson Elementary School
330-744-7155, ext 5334
Remote Phone #: 330-398-8013

Ladonna Walker
Wilson Elementary School 
330-744-8002, ext. 6130
Remote Phone #: 330-207-9003

Nathea Stevens
Youngstown Rayen Early College
330-744-7923, ext. 5877
Remote Phone #: 330-207-8143


Linda Hoey
Chief of Family Engagement

Natalie Griffin
Administrative Assistant
(Habla espanol) 

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