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Year 2

Welcome to YCSD's Year 2 Resident Educator Program

Extending/Advancing/Renewing a RE License

YEAR 2  Requirements:


            Data Tool 


            Formal Observation


            Video Analysis


            Observation of an Exemplary Teacher
            Master Fellow List


            Culminating Activity


            Communication and Collaboration

Side Notes:
Each activity should be uploaded to the shared folder for a mid-year check and an end of year check.  Mid-year check will include assignments September - December and are due January 15.  End of year check will include January - April assignments and are due by May 15.  All items need to be submitted by May 15 to get credit for the year.  All activities involve a collaboration of Resident Educator and Mentor.  While face to face meetings are best, the documentation of activities allows for electronic collaboration, including phone calls and virtual meetings.  
  • Preschool