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Our office is the clearinghouse for competitive grants for schools, programs and teachers.  We help ensure that YCSD schools are not accidentally competing against each other; that grants and crowdfunding projects fall within District goals/parameters; and that applicants get the support they need.  All grant and crowdfunding proposals must be approved by administration.  

Please note that all materials and funds received are considered district property. 

Discuss your grant or crowdfunding idea with your Principal/Supervisor.  Fill out a Grant/Crowdfunding Proposal Intent Form and send to the School Improvement Office. 

Also, please refer to our District's Grant/Crowdfunding protocol by clicking on flow charts below: 

School-Level Grants Flow Chart

School-Level Crowdfunding Flow Chart

District-Level Grants Flow Chart

Grant Awarded Flow Chart

Note: If your grant budget pays for “people,” (i.e., salaries, addenda, substitutes, stipends, or extra help) the budget must include benefits. Call us for assistance.

If your grant includes technology (hardware or software programs and technology based resources), Prior to choosing any devices please call the YCSD Information Systems Office (330) 744-5900 to ensure that it is compatible within our district. 

If your grant has equipment or furniture that needs to be installed or secured, call/email the YCSD Business/Maintenance Department.

If you need help preparing your grant, call or email us. Some grants also need to be reviewed and/or signed by the Superintendent. If this is the case with your grant or if you think this is the case, call or email us. We will help you with this process.

Provide a copy of your completed grant or crowdfunding application to the School Improvement Office within five days after submitting your proposal. This is a District requirement.

Finally, remember to notify the School Improvement Office as soon as you find out whether you have won or not won your grant or had your project funded, and good luck!

Ava Yeager

Executive Director of School Improvement 
[email protected]

Raegan Forsyth
School Improvement Specialist

Phone 330-744-8145
Fax 330-744-8861
[email protected]

Janaire Croom
Administrative Assistant,
School Improvement Office
Phone: 330-744-6960
Fax: 330-744-8861
[email protected]

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