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Extra-Ordinary Transfer

Parents/guardians of Youngstown City School District students who would like for their student to attend a school building other than the one where they have residency may apply for an extra-ordinary transfer. Extra-ordinary transfers are good for one academic year only.

The application period opens August 1 and closes on September 30*.  Applications are available at East High School in room 053 from 9AM - 3PM daily. The parent/guardian must agree that the district will not provide transportation for the student to the school of choice. They will also have their progress reviewed at the end of each academic quarter.  Should the student fail to meet expectations, the transfer will be revoked at the semester break. The student will be returned to their home school.

Once an application has been submitted, the district will compile the students academic record, attendance and behavior and submit the information to the building administrator for approval.  Along with said information, class size will be a factor in a students approval/denial.

Notice of approval/denial will be given to the parent/guardian in writing.

If approved, the parent must transfer the student from the home school and enroll them at the school of choice.

Parents will be provided a progress report at the end of each quarter.  At the semester break they will be notified if their student can remain for the rest of the year or if they must return to the home school.  At the end of the academic year, building administration will determine if the student can return for the next school year, or will need to submit a new application.

Please contact the Office of Attendance at (330) 744-7723 with questions about extra-ordinary transfers.

  • After September 30 applications will only be accepted for the following situations:

  • The family has moved to another school area but wishes for their 

students to remain at their original school.

    - The family is new to the district and wishes for their student to attend a 

school other than the one where they reside.

    - A sibling has been placed at a new building by our Special Education  

department and the family wishes to keep the siblings together.

  • Preschool