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Department of Psychological Services


Fran Blakey - Non-Public Schools; Leonard Kirtz -
[email protected]

Michael Burke -  Chaney High School, Rayen Early College (REC), Youngstown Early College (YEC)    [email protected]

Helena Chambers - Kirkmere Elementary, William Holmes McGuffey Elementary, Volney Elementary -  [email protected]
Heather Frank - Harding Elementary, Mahoning County High School, Non-Public Schools -
[email protected]

Stephanie Gordon - Gifted Assessments,  Preschool PAINT Assessments,  Paul C Bunn Elementary, Taft  Elementary, Williamson Elementary, Wilson Elementary -
[email protected]

Ashleigh Young - East High School,  Martin Luther King Elementary, MCCTC - [email protected]


 What do Psychologists do?
Psychologists conduct testing to help determine a student's eligibility for Special Education services.  They conduct classroom observations of students and provide collaborative consultations to teachers, parents and mental health/service providers.  Psychologists provide interpretation of psychological records and data.

What types of assessments do Psychologists conduct?
Psychologists provide the following individualized assessments:

  • Play-based assessments for preschool children (PAINT)
  • Transition testing for special needs preschool students entering Kindergarten
  • Testing for early entrance into Kindergarten
  • Initial assessments for children suspected of  having a disability
  • Triennial evaluations (every 3 years) for continued special education eligibility

How are Psychologists part of the educational Team?
Psychologists assist in determining eligibility for Special Education services. Students suspected of having a disability may be identified as qualifying in one of the following areas: Specific Learning Disability; Cognitive Disability; Autism; Other Health Impaired; Emotional Disturbance; Multiple Disabilities; Hearing Impairment; Visual Impairment; Deaf-Blindness; Orthopedic Impairment; Traumatic Brain Injury; Speech/Language Impairment; or Developmental Delay (Preschool Only).

  • Preschool