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Local School This site breaks down information about 130,000 school districts. You can find information about grade levels from Pre-K to high school. The information includes number of students, teachers, gender, race, grade levels, test scores and financial data.
Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County There is terrific information at this site, including library activities that your family can enjoy together!
Teacher Scholastic A great website for parents and teachers that has wonderful preschool activities!
Special Education
Do 2 Learn Teacher Resource/Activities-Grades: PreK-4 & Special Ed. This site has some outstanding resources for teachers to purchase. It also has some cute activities available to watch, print, and play. Simple single click activities make lots of fun while learnin
Mayer Johnson Teacher Resource: Mayer Johnson: This site will help any teacher who uses Board maker, Speaking Dynamically Pro, or Writing with Symbols. You can get software updates, tutorials, activities of the month, and a tip of the month.
Ohio Department of Education ODE provides state information for parents, teachers and administrators.
Slater Software Teacher Resource/ Activities: Grades: Pre-K to K: Slater Software: This is a company out of the UK. It creates adaptive software for students with special needs. This site has a couple of matching games for young children. It has free Literacy Support Sym
Tin Snips Teacher Resources This site is set up for special education teachers who work with students with Autism Spectrum disorders and related developmental disabilities. Teachers can find and sample new ideas or activities. There are items which can be purchased
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